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“I went to a wedding two weeks after mine and the photographer was annoying, so guess what the wedding party’s expressions looked like when he snapped the picture. Mike and I get along great and because of that he created these great expressions for the pictures. That criteria has to be met or the rest doesn’t matter. I LOVE how the pictures turned out. He caught my husband giving me a kiss on the nose during our dance and wiping icing from the corner of my mouth with a napkin. I don’t even remember these things happening. He was able to get big family pictures done quickly after the ceremony and during the ceremony I didn’t know he was there. The pictures are great…you are going to want to buy every last picture." — Meredith from Colorado

“Our expectations were definitely exceeded! He has such a great eye and was able to give us our traditional poses as well as some more ‘artsy’ type photos. They turned out beautifully! I had asked him to try to capture some candid moments too - and those were some of my favorites. So many times I didn’t even notice him there, but he caught some of the best moments! The pictures you have of your wedding day are such a treasure after all is said and done — and I can look at mine and remember all of the wonderful moments that I had that day!” — Julie from Ohio

“Hi Mike! The pictures are GREAT! We are both very pleased with the results! I showed the proof book to a friend and she was very impressed with your work, so again, GREAT JOB! WE LOVE THEM!” — Tanya from Indiana

“Mike, words cannot begin to describe how much I love the album. It gave me chills looking at it. It is the most amazing wedding album I have ever seen. Everyone I show it to is amazed! Thank you so much for all your hard work and creativity with the album!”— Meagan from Indiana

“Mike is great! I met him when I was a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding. He was a pleasure to work with and her final product was AMAZING. The same was true for my wedding. In fact, until we saw our proof book, we didn't even know of some of the shots he was getting. He never got in the way or 'bossed' us around. He truly made OUR day about US...and we have hundreds of incredible photos to remember it by!” — Stacy from Indiana

"Hi Mike! We received the package yesterday, how beautifully it turned out!!! Your artistry and attention to detail are even more evident in the prints. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on this!! We can't wait to pass out the goodies to the rest of the family and show all our friends. Thanks again so much for working so hard, as is evidenced by the beauty of the work. Blessings!"— Lori from Indiana

"Hey Mike! I had a co-worker stop by my desk and showed her the website. She was just stunned at how creative some of your shots were. She even emailed me later to ask if she could get access to the website and your website just to get some ideas! I keep bragging about the b&w shot of the horse drawing the carriage down Lockerbie. I love that one (and I'm not even in it)! Thank you, again, so much for working with us and for the fantastic job that you did at the wedding, around Lockerbie, and at the reception. We really couldn't be happier with the way the pictures turned out! Thank you so much for your time and patience!!!" — Sara from Indiana

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